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OPI GelColor aftercare process

Your OPI GelColor nails will look glam for up to 2 – 3 weeks with the right love and care put into them afterwards.

24 hours after you’ve had your GelColor nails done, they will still be fairly soft so please try to avoid saunas, steam rooms or hot baths.130806_cloudnails_manchesterairport_128

Whilst you’re holidaying make sure that you wipe or rinse your nails after swimming in a chlorine pool and after you’ve applied sun cream.

Make sure that once you’re back home from your holiday you wear gloves when washing up, cleaning or gardening to maintain the glamorous look.

It is essential that you don’t pick or bite the GelColor in attempt to remove it.

You should avoid using products containing lanolin, petroleum and mineral oils as these will lift the GelColor.

If you haven’t already been told by one of our beauty technicians, OPI have fantastic Gel Removal Kits that we sell at Cloud Spa at a great value to avoid you having to getting them removed professionally which can damage the nail plate.

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